Geekey's Burger

I know, I know… How can I not tasted Ramly Burger? Being a Malaysian I must have but being away from home for so long, I’m forgiven. :p

My savvy sisters tell me that there is a delicious local burger stall near Zon Duty Free in JB. Kel jumps at the idea of any junk food and I’m eager to put my swakoo-ness (mountain tortoise saying) to rest!

A humble stall by the main road with simple chairs and tables, this place serves western food and burgers that taste like Ramly. I ordered the ‘special beef burger’ which comes with egg and my order is without cheese (of course…)

I’m sure it is not authentic Ramly because it doesn’t come with the original wrapper but nonetheless finger-licking good! The spicy chilli with cream sauce makes the already juicy patty even more tasty.

We were there at 3pm for late lunch when the rain just stopped. Not crowded at all with a gentle breeze so it was a really enjoyable experience.

They open from daytime to late at night, next time I know where to grab a quick bite back home!

Warm love,


Juanie said...

U need to do it the ramly way...haha.. get it frm the roadside ramly store & eat by the roadside/while on foot.
There used to be ramly store there in the evening by the road..wonder if its still there...

Starningblue said...

Waiting for you to come back and bring me on a Ramly date :p

pen2y said...

Dont ever eat in your room or car the smell is strong and lingers there!

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