Good Easter Weekend

I am totally recharged after the break, are you? A perfect weekend is relaxed, unrushed and stress-free. Just how last few days was for me.

My past few Good Fridays were spent on company incentive trips. This year, nothing was planned thanks to the recession so we have a long weekend, free and easy style.

Before the holidays, I made the Coffee Crumb Cake again for a friend’s birthday. I’m glad her kids love it as well! This try, the baking time was handled well so the cake it is spongy, fluffy and soft. Also made muffin versions and was quickly snapped up by another guinea pig of mine with great reviews :)

On Good Friday morning, a bunch of us treat ourselves to brunch at the Wine Company. Not a well-known venue for this time of the day but surprise, surprise… the brunch promo is value for money and guaranteed to fill you up. We chose the Evans Road branch although Dempsey also serves brunch on weekends.

For $12, you get a basket of pastries, bread and muffin, have eggs done how you want it with bacon, beans and sausage. On top of coffee or tea, pick your choice of juice as well. Good? We brought ourselves reading materials to eat, read and chat. After that, to Orchard Road we go burn off some calories.

Saturday morning was lazy breakfast of prata and teh tarik at Holland Village, lovely Corinna invited me for a cupcake baking session. There is not a better time for this, Kel & I just bought a standing mixer for her birthday and can’t wait to present it to her!

Just in time to start our cupcakes project, the shiny new mixer made its debut to great results~ We made Double Chocolate, Lemon and Cherry Bakewell inspired Cupcakes. These little ones were totally yummy and soft! Baking together is so much more fun; we could help each other out and chat while the cupcakes are in the oven.

Then I’m back to laze Sunday away. Ahh… this is life. Holidays are addictive, next is Japan in 12 days!

Managed to squeeze a few days into one entry, hope I got you dreaming of your own break from work too!

Warm love,

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