Ju Shin Jung @ West Coast Highway

Remember the last time I said it was Korean week for my craving? Now is STILL Korean. :p

Doc says my blood pressure is low and I’m kinda feeling dizzy now and then. People have said beef helps to replenish blood, don’t know how true is that but it doesn’t hurt to have some right?

That was a perfect excuse to have Korean BBQ. My previous experience at Ju Shin Jung West Coast branch was quite some time ago. Didn’t think it was good; the side dishes served to us was basically many versions of kimchi that resulted in no variety and they were too busy to provide good customer service.

Kel and I go back again because there are not many Korean BBQs around in the west; this time round, my feedback is gooooood.

We were going to settle for Bulgogi and a side order of Spicy Seafood and Tofu Soup when the lady informed us that we need to order another BBQ item. There is a minimum of 2 orders for BBQ so we choose chicken.

Little did we know it comes with 2 appetizers for each of us, 2 salads, loads of side dishes, a platter of vege for wrapping our BBQ meat and also pumpkin soup. Our floor seating table was overwhelmed even before we started eating!

Special mention on the Pumpkin Soup. This is my first taste of this unique thick pumpkin soup. Cooked with red bean, its sweet and savoury at the same time. Very nice indeed!

We did the usual you feed me, I feed you with the vege wrapped with meat to bask in the Korean mood. *haha* This meal is so filling, will have to recover from BBQ overload for some time before our next session.

In the meantime, let’s have Ramyeon, Bibimbap, Zha Jang Myun, Kim Chi fried rice…

Location: 27 West Coast Highway #01-18/19, Yess Centre 1F

Warm love,

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