Squires loft, South Yarra

Its a family favourite and after craving the pork ribs for so long, Toi and I(or maybe just me) decided to head there for our belated V.

It brought back nostalgic feeling where 5/6 years ago when my jie graduated, she brought the family there for dinner and its one of the few times we really enjoyed our meals and had family fun. Dad even asked me a few times if I revisited the restaurant whilst studying in melbourne. Finally after a year.. Im back! =)

For starters, we had sour bread and as usual, Toi raved about bread. After finishing our first serve, I decided to irritate my jie and texted her we were there for dinner and she mentioned very singaporeanly 'the sour bread goes so well with butter and its free flow anyway!' I flashed the text at Toi and his eyes brightened up instantly; before you knew it, we had our 2nd serve -.-

Toi ordered steak and I had my usual pork ribs. Seriously, I cant justify how good my ribs were. You just have to buy an air ticket and try it yourself ;) But for Toi, he isnt a barbeque sauce fan(they use bbq sauce for all meat marinade) so he thought it was alright, but with the garlic cream sauceeeee........ ahhhhh!!!

My jie's planning a trip back to melb and I strongly believe she'll post about this again. Until then~

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Starningblue said...

Penny, you really know how to make me wanna go back to Melbourne for food's sake!

This is really tempting~

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