Introducing a new getaway

Yes Im back from my summer holiday(so I can justify my cny time here) and it was nothing but fun. From food to activities and more food.. sad thing we missed the go-kart due to lack of time. May go back more for that and CRABBING!
Ok diverting back. This is a food blog I remember.

Day 1
It was train food(quite sucky) and then vietnamese for dinner. It was simple, Grilled quails and vietnamese noodle which were mmmmm. Weird combi at first cuz there were spring rolls and chinese sausage thingy inside, but with the sauce; who knew they were meant for one another.

Day 2

I LOVE OYSTERS. In fact, anything swimming. And they were cheap too. Then we head to chinatown for an early dinner and then continue eating again =)) nb/ the hokkien noodles were suprisingly tasty. I felt like I was in kl.

After shopping along rundle st for about 2 hours we decided to drop by cocolat for tea. Seeing the crowd, I thought it was safe to order tiramisu(note: it is very very easy to get an awful one) and it tasted like coffee cake. My quest to find the ultimate tiramisu hasnt moved an inch closer. But the tea was interesting. It smelt like chocolate and toi decided to melt milk chocolate inside to make his angmoh style chocolate milk tea.

This is the bomb. We went crabbing in the middle of the night and the strong cold wind were chilling our bones but we got a great catch! 2 blue crabs and 2 normal ones(I say this because I dont know its name haha) and apparently it wasnt easy to get the blue ones. Pity we didnt enjoy it as we were always out and when we were back at home our stomachs already had 4 doors open. And one of the blue crabs got so pissed we put him in a small pail, he snipped off the claws of another crab! Scary.

Day 3

It was basically road trip up adelaide hills and ending the trip with Belgium food. I had the mountain of mussels that you could think of. 2kilos of it and I think I gobbled half. And guess the price; I paid 25. How unfair!

Another interesting note was the belgium beer I tried. It was purple and blackcurrant flavour. Tasted like ribena.

Some musings we were brought to on our first night.

Some artsy fatsy people pasted cars all over this big tall wall. How did they climb up in the first place?

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Starningblue said...

Pen, there is smthing called the ladder or portable stairs/steps to stick the cars high up. haha!

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