Fosters The English Rose Café

Looking for somewhere to spend the lazy afternoon away? Want to sip tea, relax with some girlfriends and chat for hours? Holland Village may have the answer.

Kel loves scones, I love tea. This is where we go on Sunday afternoons hoping to get one of those tables with the cushioned arm chairs. You may catch us reading magazines quietly or dozing off when it is quiet.

The Devonshire Cream Tea is the signature treat. Served with butter, cream and jam; the scones are delectable and warm. Together with petite sandwiches and a slice of cake, this is just nice for tea - not too much to ruin dinner plans. The tea set includes a pot of tea to complete your indulgence.

Just in case scones don’t excite you, try the a la carte snacks such as chicken wings or deep fried calamari, pretty yummy stuff too!

If the sun is down when you visit, be rest assured their dinner menu does not disappoint. The mushroom soup, pasta, steak… trail my thoughts.

C’est la vie!

Location: 277 Holland Ave Holland Village

Warm love,


Juanie said...

This is one of my Fave secret hang out!Who gets the credit for bringing u there?

And oh yes cream tea..come visit and I'll bring you to Devon for this regional dish down in our westcountry. Warm scone, homemade jam, clotted cream... oooooh.

*Be sure to make reservation for dinner.

Starningblue said...

Kel and I was there for some quiet time :D It was very cosy and comfortable.

Im waiting for air ticket promos to visit you~~

Juanie said...

Nooo...u are supposed to say Juanie brought u there for ur first time where we had a romantic dinner with ur crazy sisters who kept asking IQ questions.

Yes I'm all waiting for you here love.

Starningblue said...

Opps~ U know what I meant to say haha!

Hope your new place is great! Bet you enjoy peace and quiet now.

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