The Ship, KL

Weekends are just never enough, isn’t it?? So I am back from the short road trip to Kuala Lumpur. Part of relaxing and to wind down from work is to get away to another place just to break the daily routine. Driving to KL didn’t seem as far as it is, thanks to good traffic and nice weather.

We arrived on Friday evening hungry. Kel and I took a stroll down Jalan Bukit Bintang after checking our luggage into Piccolo Hotel. (Interesting & cosy, recommended.) At this point, any food we saw was good enough for us. Thankfully we stopped at The Ship Restaurant instead of McDonald’s which was few shops down.

Somehow, this place reminds me of my Dad this is the place Dad will escape to when us ladies skip lunch for shopping!

The dimly lit restaurant is already all prettied up in pink décor so we have our V day dinner early. We were ushered to one of the ‘cabin’ tables where we have more privacy to click our cameras away.

Cream of mushroom was my starter and Tom yum soup for Kel *I know it doesn’t sound right for a western steak house but it was spicy!* My main was grilled salmon and of course steak for Kel. No desserts for us because we know that Haagen Daz is down the road. :D

The quality of food here is consistent. Some may compare this with Jack’s Place in Singapore but in terms of concept and theme, this place definitely has more appeal. If you want to compare this with the Ship Restaurant in Singapore – that is another blog entry altogether which I have not-so-favourable opinions about.

Hope you had a blessed weekend. Back to work now, back to reality! Tune in for more coming up on KL~

Warm love,

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