Brekkie at Alor & Tangkak Town

This was the day Kel & I conclude our short trip to KL. Our hotel did not come with breakfast, we walked back to Alor for breakfast.

Today, we chance upon a Restoran Shui Kee. On the wall framed a collage of write-ups of here and seems like patrons are enjoying their Fish Bee Hoon Soup so let's take a risk.

Soup was kind of milky for my taste but it is definitely one of the better versions I have tried. The type of fish used for this was different from what you usually get though; very meaty chunks of fried fish. The only thing that I have to sulk about is the bones – and many there is, quite a hassle to pick them out.

Location: 21A, Jalan Alor

Then both of us reluctantly thread back to our hotel and start our journey home.

I have to admit, I don’t know many places in Malaysia. But there is one place I do know and would always hope to drop by when passing by on the country’s expressway.

Tangkak is a small town. The downtown of this area is probably only 2 street long yet we see many cars foreign to this area coming by for food.

The piping hot beef noodle soup at Restoran Kuang Fei has been here for the longest time and is one of its kind. Very delicious and slurp worthy – even on a scorching hot day! If herbal clear beef noodle soup is your taste, this is one you should not miss. Kel ordered himself a 2nd serving~ :D

Newspaper reviews of the Beef Noodles

From the Tangkak toll exit, follow the sign going to Tangkak, keep going straight and turn right when you see Hong Leong Bank at the left corner in front of the traffic light.

Before leaving to continue our drive back, I would not give up the chance of buying some Chinese traditional pastry from there. The Beh Teh Sor is THE best I have had. *I know there may be so many famous ones in penang or ipoh… till I get there!* Not forgetting the other traditional pasties such as Lao Po Bing, Dao Sa Pia, Pineapple Tarts etc, all of them are baked daily and when it is busy the turnover is fast you may have to wait for them to pack it fresh out of the oven.

Don’t get confused, there are 3-4 pastry shops in that small area, the correct shop is Hua Bee Bakery on the same stretch as the beef noodles shop.

Bought Xiang Ping too!

Not kidding you, I’m typing AND munching into the crunchy, savoury sweet Beh Teh Sor now!

After any trip, the one thing I look forward to going home is my Prince Chester :)

Warm love,

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