Yummy Tu Tu

One of my top sweet cravings whenever I'm home for a short visit ~ Malay's version of Kueh Tu Tu but sadly its getting harder to locate such stalls in my motherland. Least its not as commonly available as it used to be when I was a kiddo. Singapore's version of Tu Tu Kueh can never satisfy me coz they JUST aren't tasty enough.

I was so excited when I spotted my tu-tus; tuck away in a corner while I was snacking away at the pasar malam in Cameron Highland that I can't help but snapped a shot of it (since someday they may extinct & my photo may become priceless erm I mean precious!). These are made of rice flour + gula melaka stuffing (palm sugar) with the round flat ones called Putu Piring, the above - Putu Bambu and the flat yellow kind is Putu Piring Kuning.

Ahhh...up to this point I'm truely craving for it now but grrrr there is no way of making dream come true in this faraway land. To make it worse, the indian's Putu Mayam is flashing in my head right now. Help!

Hookay. Enough said! I shall have a nose in my fridge......

* Gathered from search engines to save u from imagining *


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