Egg Tarts é Portugese way

DSCN0490 Hot pipping creamy custart tarts not from Macau but from where it originates - Belém, a historic town in Lisbon [Portugal]... Here they called it the Belém Tart or Pastéis de Belém, tastes best warm! Can u imagine having custard ozzing out your mouth...ahhh simply sensational.

I specifically had mine at Casa Pastéis de Belém purely because they are the very first pastry shop opened since 1837 selling these tarts; who up till now still kept their ancient secret recipe! Mind you this bustling shop is ever so packed with people that you'll need to be quick to spot a table or join in the long queue for takeaways.DSCN0289 Don't worry if you can't make it to this shop coz there are always other options since bakeries selling Portg' tarts are scattered everywhere.

...As for my preferences since ~ I'm in lurveee with puff pastry Portugese style than the short crust type.

Its worth! Its delicioso!




Starningblue said...


1st post! Yippie!! haha

Always wanted to know, the crust of the portu tarts have cheese rite? I tried once and didnt like it cos i tasted cheese (or milk) in it.

It looks delish though, just too bad it didnt taste as what I imagined. Or mayby I should visit this shop to taste THE original :p


Juanie said...

Nope no cheese. Just custard in puff crust, with top a little burnt then sprinkle with cinnamon and icing sugar. Maybe the one you had is modified tart.


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