How spontaneous is this? I don't call myself a creative person but ideas pop into my head at odd times, some I can think of them as realistic, some ideas others tell me im crazy, some ideas I can do it now!

Moment of confession: Im bored. Therefore I daydream.

Whilst thinking of my dinner tonite, I think of the joy in feeding others my cooks and wait anticipatingly what reactions come out of them. Mind you, Im not a fantastic cook! It really depends on my 'feel' that day and my mood determines if I will make the best out of my ingredients.

Back to what I was doing, I was thinking about cooking, thinking about my menu, thinking about Tina sharing tips with me... Taddaaa! I then have this idea to create a space where we can all have a piece of each other at our favourite pastime - Eat.

Okay, my potential contributors are not informed of my lightbulb inspiration yet but if they don't come around this idea, I can still share my own culinary path in self-discovery. *smirks*

Besides that, we can chat about eateries we've been to, travel food and such.

I sincerely hope this is the place you can seek food refuge in the chaos of lost crowds who do not appreciate good stuff.

Thank you for being the first readers here, keep in touch!

Warm love,


GNY said...

Aloha back! Plz do whip up good food and more deli dishes for the family. Lol I may not be one potential contributor but I can help taste ok! Veri veri veli veli impt xoxo

L!JuAn said...

Greetings from UK ~
Damn Ginny, let u get before me. I tot I can be the first! Hopefully I can be one potential if Ni pays me well...Keep this alive ya! Muacks.

Starningblue said...

Thank you 4 all the support! *teary eyed*

Dont fight over me okay? Both of u are first! >_@

Lets keep this going!

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