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Somehow, my weekend felt longer than usual. Didn’t have to work last Saturday, was out the whole time running errands and preparing for Kel’s Hawaii and our Tokyo trip.

You will be surprised how much stuff we need to buy just to go away for some time! I.e. luggage bag, transformer plug, camera memory card, memory card reader, just to mention a few..

By the time Sunday night came, we just wanted to stay in to watch F1 on TV – bracing ourselves for the new week to come.

With the success of previous noodle soup using chicken meat, I have used minced pork this time for a variation. In fact, I like using mince pork better, makes the soup sweeter than it already is! You may also add in fish slices for a wholesome meal.

Vital Ingredients:

Chicken stock cube (even better make own stock!) . carrot chunks . tomato chunks . dried scallops . ginger sliced . garlic cloves skinned . chicken or mince pork . vege of choice . noodle of choice

Marinate Mince Pork:

Soya sauce . sesame oil . fried shallots oil . pepper . cornstarch

Cook it:

Throw in all ingredients (except vege, egg & noodles) into boiling water. Cook for 30 mins or until carrot and scallops are soft, add in salt to taste.

Stir in beaten eggs and wait till cooked. Throw in vege and cover until half cooked. Put in noodles and once ready, serve hot.


Sprinkle on fried shallots and shallots oil. Enjoy!

This soup formula is my mum’s recipe. Ginger and garlic is the key ingredient to this stock. If time permits, boil the chicken stock from chicken bones and meat for best taste.

Special mention to my noodle of choice: Soya Bean noodle (hokkien: dau chiam) is my current lurve~ It looks like ‘ban mian’ but it has smoother texture and extremely easy to cook. Unfortunately, it is not widely available. I bought my supply in Malacca! Mummy told us the good soya bean noodles are home made and dried, only sold in Msia small towns.

Warm love,

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