Fou De Fa Fa

It was a lunch gathering of our team for my team director's birthday. From what was prepared and the well-planned surprise, one can definitely tell she is well liked by all of us. Ever the smiling lady and always checking in on us to make sure we are okay, we love her around as much as we love her home baked brownies.

Fou De Fa Fa is a cosy cafe good for their biscuit crispy pizzas, pastas and salads. Very much whatever you order will not go wrong. The staff heard us singing the birthday song, they came with tamborines, candle on a pizza and sang to Fiona again!

Don't underestimate the crispy and cracking pizza, the more you munch, the more addictive it is. The vegetable toppings are generous, it feels like really healthy meal!

We had a bunch of us so we had variety of food. One of my favourite dishes is the tomato based pasta that tastes like chilli crab sauce minus the spice. It was delicious, we ordered a second helping to go around.
Black pepper with pasta

Not being the one who ordered all the food, I have no idea what the names of those dishes we had, I just thoroughly sat and enjoyed the yums and the company of my colleagues and friends.

Fou De Fa Fa
168 Robinson Road
#01-05 Capital Tower

Warm Love,

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