Bangkok: Som Tam Nua

Cannot miss having Papaya Salad when in Thailand, it is like a staple where it can be eaten as an appetizer, it's sweet, tangy and spicy notes excites the taste buds all at one time.

We walked from MBK shopping centre to reach Som Tam Nua (meaning Green Papaya Salad) at Siam Square Soi 5. Arriving at about 7pm, there is a queue and a crowd has gathered outside the 2 storey restaurant waiting for their turn to have a table. I'm told it is a common sight on weekend nights. I'm not the queueing sort but something tells me it will be worth it.

The wait was not for too long. After about 20 mins, we were ushered upstairs and once we caught the attention of awaitress, Lawrence ordered the must haves and we await the feast.

 Pineapple Rice

 Green Chicken Curry

 Green Papaya Salad

 Sticky Rice

 Spicy Tom Yum Soup

 Fried Fish with Spicy Sauce

 Chicken Wings

Probably the only dish which was not spicy are the chicken wings. That said, it was such good food that made a satisfying meal. With 4 of us, it was easy for us to order more and have variety. All of us had steamed plain rice and Lawrence ordered himself the sticky rice, which is more and filling and authentic to some parts of Thailand how they eat.

Although I can't remember it clearly, I do not think this meal cost us more than SGD 40. This is what I love about Bangkok!

Warm Love,

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