Thai and bubbles

It was a friend's 21st and we all went to a thai restaurant on lygon st. As usual I forgot to take a picture of the entrance but I hope the foodie pics will suffice ;)

Thaila Thai

82 Lygon St Brunswick East
3057 Vic

Green curry. Could have been richer in flavour

Fried Kuay Tiao hahaha. I forgot the name but it taste somewhat like that

Mutton curry. Most awesome dish of the night. Somewhere along there I forgot I was having Thai cuisine not malay..

Pad Thai. Finally a decent one!

Lastly, my favorite taro green milk tea with pearls from TenRen (which I can create another post just for bubble tea YUMS)

Honestly speaking I havent tried any other Thai food other than YingThai simply because 1. Its within walking distance 2. They have tomyum soup to-die-for 3. Their green/red curry is gastronomic. At first I was rather skeptical of Thaila thai but hey! I love their pad thai and mutton curry to the max! You can give a miss for their tomyum though(YT still reign). But if both restaurants could merge their best dishes together, I'd be there 5 times a week. And happily suffer from bad throat after that ;)

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