Santouka Ramen, drizzled with love

As embarrassing as it sounds, we did a takeaway of the left-over pork cheek from Santouka Ramen last night. Armed with a 1-for-1 coupon from the 8 Days magazine, we went for the award winning Tokusen Toroniku ramen and mine was in Shio broth, Kel’s in Miso.

We love how the soup is the least salty of comparable ramen joints and the signature pork cheek slices are so soft and tender it melts in the mouth.

Really, Santouka Ramen is a must-try but go before the main crowd arrives at usual meal times to avoid a queue as both the Central Mall and Cuppage Terrace branches are relatively small.

The queue at Central Mall after we finished our meal

Ramen dry

Today, I woke up to the aroma of scrambled eggs. Watching him cook for me early morning before we head off to work sweetens up the whole day. The pork cheek sandwich with fresh leaves and scrambled eggs was divine. Maybe it was the pork? Maybe it was the gesture of love? I enjoyed every last bit of breakfast.

Oh, back to what I was talking about. Santouka Ramen serves up great dry ramen with a flavourful dip as well. Slurp!

Warm love,

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