When 2 Mushrooms Meet

We really didn’t have to wait THIS long to have a meal together! Juanie was in town and we had a mushroomy good time catching up.

Really, never trust someone like me to pick a place for dinner. That’s when overseas guests visit and ask the golden question, “so where’s a good place to eat?” It’s not like I’ve been living in a shell, but we eat, live and *bleep* here day in day out, we run out of consciousness on these things. I feel so numb with the locality that all dinner choices overwhelm, Juanie came up with a great idea to visit Mushroom Park and it was a worth it. I’m just a bit ashamed it came from her, someone who has lived in the UK for a few years now..

Tucked by the side of Raffles Hotel on Seah Street, Mushroom Park is an unassuming little shop. The night we were there, only a handful of tables were occupied and I loved it that way.

It was Juanie’s 2nd visit and my first time at this restaurant, I must say this is the only time I’ve had so much shrooms and greens at one go! We ordered set meal of meat and fish to share so both of us had variety.

Appetizer was a dish made of mushrooms but tasted exactly like pork floss. We had mushroom sashimi too, a chunky version of mushroom that looks like abalone chopped, dip in wasabi and soy, very interesting! The seasoned steamed rice which came with the set meal was really yummy and a must try.

By the end of it, we were stuffed. We didn’t take a picture to commemorate the first ever DeeryLouAromas blogger meal because we didn’t want you to see us in a bloated state. *like real! :D*

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