Fika, e new Swedish Café on e block

The sun was unforgiving last saturday but we had something to accomplish. We had to be at Arab Street to purchase fabric for my dream gown. Corinna and I were doing the email ding-dong on where to eat before we set off on our mission. Malay food? We left it to spontaneity.

When we were approaching Arab St on Beach Rd, Fika was peeking out at the corner of the row of shops, I knew we had to try this. We can’t help but stay for dessert; it was such a comfortable place to be on a hot afternoon with quiet chatter and cozy, neutral surroundings.

Kel: “I love my food! (he ordered Swedish hash) I enjoy eating this, can you cook like this for me?”
Me: *stress* “…but I’m not really good in cooking angmoh food…”
Kel: “……”

Not sure why, I can throw ingredients together for an asian home cooked dish but I feel intimidated to do the same for a western dish. As a person who likes to eat and cook and then blog about it, I should really snap out of the box isn’t it? The next day I googled the recipe for Swedish hash. Turns out it looks easier than I thought, let’s see when I have some leftover meat it would be a perfect time to try it out.

So embarassed by these green food pictures.. Used the wrong cam filter mode and I'm so bad at image editing, that's why!

Swedish Hash

Breakfast Set

Seafood Marinara

Corinna ordered herself a breakfast set and it was really a big breakfast to enjoy even in the afternoon. The seafood marinara is so-so for me and I though our dessert of apple crumble and Swedish pancakes were just on par.

Swedish Pancake & Ice Cream

Apple Crumble & Ice Cream

What the food lacked in anyway, the ambience definitely made up it. I can imagine a girl’s day out here, a bunch of us having some cake and coffee chilling out of the heat, enjoying some catch up time. Made a mental note to bring Penny, Ginny & Juan here for afternoon tea. :D

Side note: Lace fabric is the next love of my life!

Warm love,

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