Shelf Life

I don’t cook every single day yet I have loads of condiments, sauces and powders on my kitchen trolley. Sometimes in the morning I decide to cook beef for dinner that day then I change my mind so its back to the fridge for next day or whatever. What about the oils we have in the kitchen? I suppose it is hard to keep track how long it has been there and know for sure how long it can be stocked on our shelves.

Did you know that dried packed angel hair pasta has a shelf life of 3 years? I know because I recently discovered
Still Tasty. A colleague of mine passed this on to a few of us who love cooking but hey, don’t all of us need to know such information too? This website is pretty comprehensive with whole chock lists of ingredients and how long we should be keeping them; in the fridge, on our pantry or in the freezer.

So have any one of you GUESSED whether you could still use the leftover ham in the fridge for a sandwich, would that bar of chocolate on the snack table still be good, how long you could keep fresh chicken before it is too fuzzy for cooking?

Go on, click in and find out for yourself!

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