New Lucky Claypot Rice

We already had a favourite haunt for Claypot Rice before visiting this stall. Only upon multiple recommendations Kel and I decided to try this place to find out how good it really is. I was told it can get crowded even on unsuspecting weekdays.

So before we went, I gave them a call to place our order. True enough, we still had to wait about half an hour on top of the time we took to make our way there. With all the good things we heard about this place, our expectations were held high.

I should have taken a picture of the Claypot Rice when it is served. The claypot rice was served pale and white. No sauce or seasoning - apparently, it is a do-it-yourself concept. Then we try our hand at seasoning it ourselves. After scoops of rice into small bowls we realize the chicken, chinese sausage and salted fish toppings were not enough to fill the whole Claypot evenly so we felt we were eating rice with dark sauce more than anything.

We had soup too and it was nothing to shout about.

Being neutral about it, maybe they should season the dish with oil and dark sauce for us just so that we have the same quality of food every time and it’s not dependent on the customers ability to gauge how much to put in. And maybe for that price, it should have had more salted fish than 2 tiny slices with the thickness of sliced ham.

Nevertheless, this place can be ’back-up’ when one is desperate for Claypot Rice and there isn’t one nearby.

Location: Block 328 Clementi Ave 2

Anyone has recommendations for chomp-worthy Claypot Rice in Singapore?

Warm love,

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