Getting more foodie

Been busy with falling sick, thus lack of post ;) But doesnt mean I havent been eating! In fact, Im learning more hidden foodies and Im here to reveal some of the many.This time on, the address will follow if you happen to tour/live in melbourne so you know where to go!

Friend's boyfriend came to visit and so I had my fun share of exploring back alley cafes(though not really) that served awesome poach eggs(with cheese that tasted like quiche. Yum)

Breakfast stacks

Learning how to sip latte

Toi's strawberry smoothie in a tin cup. Lols

My male model

The all-day brekkie menu

We got there about 1130(got lost for 20mins) and it was packed full. A small cafe but with loads of rustic chairs and tables. Great chillout place for a cuppa or brunch you are a late riser. Good news is breakfast's all day on Sunday in melbourne;)

Green Refactory
Sydney Rd, Brunswick Cafe

Doing what a good host will do, I woke up at 9(again) on a weekend to head to south melbourne for some hearty breakfast.
Interesting concept they have is the moment you alight tram 96, voila! Youre at their cafe already=) The Hollandaise sauce was awesome, mushrooms were fresh(but 3bucks to include them in your meal) and just dig the sourdough. Best thus far. It was worth my sleep.
Lack of pictures because theyre not in my cam, sadly.

Middle Park Light Rail Stop
107a Canterbury Rd
Middle Park 3206

Wagyu steak with rice.

Toi and my sushi sashimi boat

Found this place in the midst of searching for good jap food in melbourne. Sick of Cheap dondons and overpriced small portions in town. Not that Matsumoto serves any more that town restaurants, I have to admit their wagyu steak was pretty awesome and my boat was fufilling. Not superb, but satisfying. I thought it wouldnt be enough for us to share but I was bloated when we finished.

48 Lygon StBrunswick East 3057 VIC

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