Most Young-At-Heart Birthday Mum

Family and friends met up at Kong Inn Restaurant in JB for a cheery dinner to celebrate Mum’s big day. The spread was delectable and the guests were certainly spoilt!

The culprit bottle of dessert wine which got Gny a bit "tanned"

Marinated chicken feet was the appetizer highly raved by dish lovers. Personally, I don't enjoy this delicacy much so let's leave it for those who appreciate it. :p
Longevity Noodles

Abalone salad

Cold Platter, those little golden balls on the below right are superlicious scallops!

Mummy's fave stewed Pig Trotters.

After allll those food, we are surprised with STEAMBOAT! *jaw drop*
We were all served wasabi and sauce to dip the huge clam raw or we could blanch it in the pot of soup for another version.

This is not just another oyster, this is THE biggest oyster I have seen. Compare the shell size with the dinner fork! It's almost the size of my palm if I were to hold it in my hand.

Steamboat is not over, now comes juicy prawns and homemade meat balls AND crab. We were served self-made belachan. Spicy but shiok~

Crab is so fresh, the leg of this beast is still twitching. Totally caught me off guard when I was looking through my cam screen and it was moving. *hah*

My parents are friends with the restaurant's staff, they presented a beautiful bouquet and it made Mummy happy. How sweet~

Happy 55th Birthday to lovely Mummy!

Warm love,


pen2y said...

ginny is so lousy she gets high on fruit juice.

Starningblue said...

Its hilarious~ the air-conditioning was freezing cold so she had 3 glasses of wine to make herself warm and she ended up tanned only the top part of her face.

Wish you were here!!

pen2y said...

You know the oyster pictures make me feel like eating oysters toooo?? Im prolly going to have a seafood feast tonight!

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