Jago Close Carrot Cake

Who loves Carrot Cake? I remember when I was studying overseas, this was something I would miss most and Carrot Cake is a dish that would make me feel home sick. *besides mummy’s cooking! Of course..*

Frankly Jago Close is not the best place to be on weekend mornings, not many parking lots and the coffee shop is cramped and reeks of different cooked food but it is worth all that hassle.

We usually choose to sit outside at the tables next to the main road for ventilation and space. Sunday mornings are busy but the wait for yummy Carrot Cake is not too long for agony.

Black or white?

Personally, I prefer the dark sauce carrot cake. For chilli lovers, you will definitely enjoy the carrot cake here.
Moist and soft textured carrot cake, partnered with just the right amount of dark sauce; it’s just great with fragrant local coffee for a sinful breakfast on a lazy Sunday.

Warm love,


Welles Tan said...

Interesting food photos and blogging!

Anonymous said...

yummy...i am feeling hungry..very delicious pictures....
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Mochachocolata Rita said...

black or white, i love them both~ ^_^ miss them so much...

Starningblue said...

Dear Welles & Kristina,

Thank you! Drop by often, see ya again :)

Mocha Rita, do they have this in HK?


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