Lo and behold,

Living in melbourne has their perks too, like taking this for granted when it's so accessible. Never thought I'd blog about this until that very day everyone ordered the unusuals other than souffle and waffle x) I think I'll miss him so bad after I leave aussieland.

The King of all sinful obsessions..

Max Brenner!

Belgium waffle with extra choc topping
The ultimate all-time souffle
Truffle with more melted choc

Bahka; cinnamon muffin with more more choc
I think I can save on my words and let the pictures do the drooling for now ;)


Starningblue said...

This is so drool-inducing! Please pack some of those souffles when u back next time~

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i didn't get to try this when i was in australia...i will definitely try in my next visit :)

Savita said...

I will try making this but not able to make it but, now with the help of your recipe I will make it.


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