What a Night…

P1010066@ Kinvarra,Ireland; a picturesque village by the sea. With barely 200 people, this tiny village is a gem… least to me.

P1010078Chance upon Pier Head Bar & Restaurant when I ventured off the main street


P1010069 Since its just me, I was seated at the bar so I can get all the attention from the bar staffs I want.

P1010071 Kinvara Sirloin Steak Medium rare – thumbs up! Initially I opt for fish / seafood since its a fishing village but while chatting up with the locals, it is said that the steak can never go wrong here.

P1010072And of course, not forgetting the Guinness in Ireland.

P1010074 The night ended late, with live Irish music and tap dancing by the local folks - don’t be fooled by their age, they probably have better stamina than me.



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