Singapore Day 2009 - London

Singapore Day took place in London – Hampton Court this year. Finally its our turn this time round! It is certainly a big event for all Singaporeans out in this end of the world to gather with free food, free goody bags and entertainment. I was there just for the food that I have been craving since don’t know when… Big thanks to the organizers for flying our local hawkers all the way here to cook for us.

They even move the ERP gantry here.

Lau Pa Sat, Marina Bay & Fort Canning

Queues and more queues for free Singapore delicacies.

Delicious chicken rice that I have been longing for.

Jack Neo…

Uncle frying hokkien mee for us

‘’People Mountain People Sea’’

Dim Sum Dollies

Blessed with good weather!

I was upset when I didn’t get my hands on old chang kee curry puff.


Free dessert.

Chope! One of the free gift that made me laugh is this wet wipes. Always come in handy to ‘Chope’ spaces in lieu of packet of tissue paper.




Starningblue said...


Great to know you went to this! I wanted to tell you but it slipped my mind.

How is it feeling the Singaporean atmosphere in London weather?

Remember to bring your wet wipes packet back when u are back in sg to chope seats. *hah*

Juanie said...

It was pretty weird really. For a sec I tot I'm back in SG. Lots of familiar accents/language flying around and not forgetting lots of queuing.


Mr Tan said...

Hi Juanie,

I chanced upon your blog while searching for spoofs of the ERP gantry. Loved the pic!

Going to show it to my students, they are learning how to do the infamous Application Question for GP. Hope you don't mind, thanks!

Juan said...

Hi Mr Tan,
Of coz you can use the pic. Jus let me know if you need copies!

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