Tea Loft

I have lost my way around Ion at least 4 times and have found new shops every time I do the wrong turn but really, don't ask me where the Oka B shop is, I am still trying to locate that without the touch screen directory.

The basement is easier to navigate, besides snaking through various queues at the different stalls and cafes, the tea loft stands out in decor and warm brightness and just sucks me in.

Corned beef thick toast was my choice of snack and it was goood, even better if it was warmed up a little more. If i allowed myself to indulge, I would have ordered Coffee Melaka - think coffee plus chendol!

I wish this place was my kitchen. The tiffany wall colours, dainty lamps along the walls and all those mirrors...
Have a great weekend, I'm off to furniture, lights and sink shopping later~

Warm Love,

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