Rider’s Café

Once the house moving is done and over, we need to de-stress. Be it a spa retreat, a movie marathon, or we could go to Rider’s Café for breakfast away from the hustle and bustle.

The last time we got lucky calling only the evening earlier to secure a 8.30am reservation – it usually doesn’t happen for a weekend slot. If not, I won’t greet the sun at this ungodly hour on a Sunday!

It turned out to be a very cool and breezy morning. We arrived on time and were seated at the verandah overlooking the stables where the horses and their handlers march in and out from practice. Children look really smart in riding gear and all the horses show off their shiny coat of fur flexing their muscles as they walk by.

The breakfast is good, the view is even better. Top it all off with a delicious cup of café mocha; all in the real world is forgiven and forgotten.

Location: 51 Fairways Drive

Warm love,

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