TomTon ShabuShabu

Sometime back when Peny was in town, we went to have Black Pig for dinner at The Central.

What IS black pig? I thought it was another pampered animal who enjoyed a beer life in Japan like the cow. Turns out, the actual name of this meat is Berkshire Pig. Its texture is tender and smooth, perfect for a bowl of ramen or as we tasted - Shabu Shabu.

4 of us repeatedly soaked the pork into the pot of boiling broth made the soup taste really flavourful. When we started off, the soup was not exciting at all except for a few pieces of thick seaweed. By the end of it, the colour of soup has turned into a lovely brown.

The dipping sauce cannot be done without, along with the chilli paste and grated plum, this makes a very satisfying meal, especially on a rainy day like ours was.

Besides pork, we ordered a set of seafood and vege (we are healthy people~) to share. Once in a while, it is good to indulge in this kind of bliss!

Warm love,

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