Greenwood Fish Market

Greenwood Ave is a hidden gem, although not so hidden now that more restaurants have sprung up and parking lots are almost impossible to find after a certain time of the day. To me, I still love this place for its location away from bustling city centre and customers are mainly laid-back and looking for a casual quiet meal.

Before heading into the bistro at the end of the seafood shop



Lobster Tofu

Pan Grilled Fish

Reservations are a must and every time I pick up some cards from there to give to friends. Really, I shouldn’t be blogging about this because it would just get busier! Thankfully, they have opened up an extension 2 doors down to cope with the crowd and to make sure more of us get to enjoy the experience.

New extension

Tuesdays are Oyster Nights; another is Sashimi Night and another is Crab Night. The Greenwood Fish Bistro is definitely for anyone looking for really fresh seafood.

Wonder when my next visit is, I never get tired of this place!

Location: 34 Greenwood Avenue

Warm love,

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