Easy Banana Cake

It is so easy to neglect food/snacks that are sitting on the shelf, on the table or in the fridge. The next thing I know, it is too ripe or turning bad. Does it happen to everyone or am I just an impulse person buying too much to consume?

There were some bananas sitting on the table and as days past, they are too brown for eating just as it is but perfect for baking!

Previously, I baked Banana & Choc Bread so this time, I wanted to try Banana Cake instead. The cake version is supposed to be light and softer than the banana bread.

I went on the internet to scour for a recommended recipe and chanced upon Jamie Yeo's food blog with a highly commented and raved recipe. They said it is no fail so...

And they were right! It is just amazing how a simple and suspiciously too easy recipe could yield such soft and moist banana bites! The bananas I had were good for this as they were not rotten, just perfectly soft and no sweat to mash. You can still taste real chunks of banana in the cake. This recipe is definitely a keeper. I'm so lazy to bake it in a cake and cut it later, I baked them in muffin cases so it was easy to share it.

Baking doesn't have to be difficult, try this and you will know what i mean.

Warm love,


Juan said...

oh i luv i luv banana cake..especially with the banana bits.

Starningblue said...

Then you really have to try this recipe. Click on Jamie Teo and access the recipe there.


Juan said...

Bake me >.<

Starningblue said...

Of course I would!..... if you were here @_@

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