Strawberry & Lavender Farm

Visiting the strawberry farm was something I did not do when I was based in Melbourne. Hence, I requested for this day trip to make sure we don’t miss the chance again. Thanks to Penny, her iPhone GPS and a cheap car rental deal, off we go!

Before heading down to the strawberry bushes, there was a cafĂ© selling all things strawberries. Standing at the entrance, all I could smell was refreshing strawberries. I’m usually not a fan of sorbets but this one is yum.

Scones to go with Strawberries

Strawberries are in season during Spring. They are best picked during the earliest part of the year, by the time we were there in April; the strawberries were significantly smaller than what I thought it would be. I was very keen to bake them into strawberry crumble when we got back because they were not very sweet but hectic schedule during my holiday meant I really didn’t have time to do it!
We had lots of fun in the sun and surprise surprise… I love the sun that day we were on the road trip! It was breezy and sunny; we spent the good part of the day outdoors but no sweat! Real bliss~

After the strawberry stint, we moved on to visit the Lavender Farm. We lost our way a little and reached there just 20mins before they closed for the day. Our negotiation skills kicked in and managed to get discounted entry tickets to get in and look around real quick.
This plant smells as creamy as real chocolate!
Young Red Delicious Apple Tree

The garden was full of surprises, there was chocolate mint plant (yes, and it smells like real chocolate.), apple trees, and lots of soothing lavender. It was much fun jumping around the garden before we head back out to find some food for our rumbling tummies.

It was getting late and we figured there won’t be much to eat in the rural; we drove all the way back to St Kilda for a Italian at Rococo. Servings were huge, even for hungry people like us and the waitress was very friendly who introduced us a fantastic Mud House Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

That was my first day in Melbourne, it was fruitful and enjoyable time spent with Mum, Sis and Sherlene.
Warm love,

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