Huka Prawn Park Restaurant

In search for fresh, juicy prawns, we arrived at Huka Prawn Park where you can dine and enjoy lots of other activities like prawn fishing, jet-boating etc. This is a place where you can get full education on prawns, from breeding, catching and eating one, at a fee of course.

Alfresco dining by the Waikato River on a perfect day! Table 43, thats our leftover.

Delicious but rather disappointed with the portion.

Fish & Chips 

   Reckon this can make a good soup base? haha.

An ideal place for family with kids. Food was tasty but I wouldn’t recommend this to peeps who just need a dining location or were on budget. My eye balls almost fell out when I looked at the menu. Fyi, the prawn platter cost us NZD62 which immediately a second voice in my head was screaming…ripped off.

Add: Huka Falls Road, Wairakei Park, Taupo, New Zealand

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