Fish is one of my Favourite Food

Besides fishes full of prickly bones and little meat, I love most kinds of fish. I love them cooked in many ways; my choice of fish is over meat most of the time. As you can tell, I don’t really think much of eating fish, I order what is interesting on the menu and if it’s sushi, it’s salmon for me.

It will be a different story starting today. I refer to Nadya Hutagalung’s
Green Kampong website. She has a great site going about being environmentally conscious and responsible. I read about conscious eating at her website and why we have to do so.

I remember sometime back, someone told me not to consume too much salmon because they were overfished and they are not ‘environmentally friendly to eat’ because “it takes many fishes to grow a salmon fish”. Okay, maybe it is not a 100% accurate statement but you get the drift.

Image taken from WWF Website

WWF is not suggesting we do not eat fish anymore (how can we ever do that?) but to eat with consideration. So they came up with a brochure to help us identify which fishes are farmed with sustainable practices; for everyone’s convenience, it is a printable and foldable piece that fits nicely in our wallets or pockets.

Remember nature’s food chain? It’s time for us to think about what we do and all the consequences that come with it. I’m sure all of us know what kind of world situation we are in, if you are not sure – just tune in to the news and hear about earthquakes, tsunamis, heat-waves and what not. One thing leads to another so let’s keep the earth together – TOGETHER.

Warm love,

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