Durian Durian Cafe

Alas! 8 Days beat me to it.

We were in the East for a durian pig-out session last Sunday. Despite my durian slabbed fingers, managed to snap some photos with my *low resolution* phone camera because I wanted to show you this is probably the most glam place for durians in whole of Singapore!

I’m glad the magazine rated Durian Durian Caf√© 4 out of 5 stars. This is indeed worth the review.

Around that area and craving for durians? Pop by and indulge in the King of fruits on comfy stools, marble tables, nice bins and of course, good soap for washing up!

Warm love,


Juanie said...

durian durian cafe shall be when i nex see ya...muahahahahha

Starningblue said...

By the time you are back, hope durians are still available and good. End of year, monsoon not good time for durians.

You want me to freeze some for you till dec? :D

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