Majestic Melaka

We usually lodge at Holiday Inn or Puri Hotel when we are in Melaka, this time Kel wants to pamper ourselves a bit and book for the slighlty more upmarket Majestic Hotel. Not that I'm complaining...

The drive to Malacca is pleasant as usual, this time we travel in a convoy of 2 cars; our friend Patrick and family has taken this trip with us. As we are familiar around town, Majestic Hotel hotel was easy to find; which is located at the back lane of Renaissance Hotel and Putra Specialist Hospital.

I can't say the environment outside the hotel is as comfy as the hotel, but the hospitality once we step into the compound kind of make it all up. Checking in was a breeze; you don't have to go to the reception - the receptionist comes to you. Our luggages barely touched the floor and we were already given keys and informed how to head to our room. *insert wide-eyed look here*

During the brief checking in process, I hardly had time to appreciate the architecture of the refurbished Peranakan house, the nostalgic air or wander around the lobby area where trinkets and snacks were scattered around.

The room? Open air bathroom with free standing bath tub and comes with bath salts, arrival tea serving 'ceremony' by the bell man (basically, they officially seat the guests down in the room and serve you Chinese Tea still warm from the basket. Cool!), what more can I say? Only 1 downer, the view of a big drain canal outside the window..

After the waa-ing and gaa-ing, we realise we need to head out the hot afternoon sun to search of food. Turning left from the hotel entrance and walking straight down leads us to a coffee shop situated on a busy road junction where gems of local food can be found. In the day, they serve Melaka Chicken Rice Ball and the I-don't-know-what-it's-called fried food (refer to picture below). When night falls, the coffee shop is closed and an uncle with a push cart will sell deep-fried goodies such as Yiu Tiao aka Chinese Doughnut and yummylicious Butterfly which is a fried dough with sesame seeds shaped in a butterfly.

The venture itself around the hotel is fruitful, we hardly had to venture out much except to dine at Teo Soon Loong Teochew Seafood Restaurant where good homestyle Teochew food can be found and to have the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball at Jonker Street area. Wasted we did not have time to go for our usual-must-have Chendol at Jonker 88.

If you are impressed by now and would like to reserve a stay at Majestic Hotel why do I feel I'm advertising for them??, you have to ensure that breakfast is thrown into the package. There are no buffet spreads when you walk into the lounge and after much questioning and curiosity, you will find a small menu on some tables which lists what you can order. Although the service is slow and indifferent, the quality of the meals do make us feel like we are at an atas all-day breakfast joint.

Kel and I do not hide the fact that we love Melaka but the recent popularity rise due to drama series like Little Nonya made the city a tad too crowded for us.. Nevertheless, Melaka will always be a place where we find weekend refuge from Singapore.

Once we a while, we may splurge again at Majestic Hotel.

Warm Love,

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