Gruzinskie Chaczapuri

  Bigos Chlopski - traditional polish meat stew

Pierogi z  mięse – meat dumpling, another polish dish

Not forgetting…Polish beer – Okocim. Don’t quite understand the need for straw though…

I chanced upon this restaurant in old town Krakow which served mainly Georgian food but they have minimal traditional polish cuisine too, enough to satisfy me. The very hungry me over ordered obviously as you can see its all very starchy and heavy. The stew was alright but the dumpling skin was rather thick. Be here if you are after really cheap and filling food… I was then too hungry and tired to go elsewhere and was lured in by the cheap prices on the menu.

@ ul. Grodzka 3, Krakow, Poland

~ Juan ~

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The Corner Girl said...

This is an amazing meal! I am jealous of this awesome restaurant. My hubby would drool over such rustic food, I wish we had places like that in Iowa!

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