@ BKK - the locals’ way…

Location unknown. Was brought here by our thai friend for a simple lunch…

with our level of hungriness, it didn’t took us long to settle down and order… in fact, we were just glad that the busy buzzing flies were kind enough to give up their seats to us and in return, we shared our food with them… Nah, not really.

   Just like our chinese meat balls but with thai sauce dipping

Clear soup fish ball noodle

The dried version with sugar… sugar?

Another clear soup one but with broad noodles

Personally I prefer this… Spicy thai style fish ball noodle

Both of these, top and bottom were made from egg yolk. The above is call Kanom Foy Tong. It is strands of sugary cooked egg yolk made from drizzling it through fine sieve.

This is the Luk-chup that I always thought will be extremely sweet. But I’m glad this didn’t turn me off and surprisingly I don’t hate it. Don’t forget to take the ceramic boat home with you cos you’ve paid for it together with the luk-chup.

Cheap food, natural ventilation, local ambience, and most importantly, not a single tourist. I like.

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Starningblue said...

Ahh.. Welcome back Juanie :)

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