Cafe in Osaka

Especially in Singapore, more and more Japanese inspired cafes and bakeries with cute intricate sandwiches or cream cakes are popping up. I can totally understand why.

Usually they are a teeny bit more pricey than breadtalk or the local cake shop, the details of it all makes it all worth it to pack it back home not to eat - but to just stare at it.

Japan has very quaint western cafes integrated into their culture. Especially in Kobe, there are so many of those chill out coffee joints that got me wondering; don't they work? Then why do these people have time to enjoy precious time at such places?

At this point, I tell Kel we have to dump our careers and just lead a carefree life and let's not think where we get our money from okay? That's just too stressful.

So I share with you a few cafes we visited or saw during our trip to Osaka and Kobe.

Our breakfast in Osaka was at a lovely cosy cafe. Breakfast is pastries and bakes, lunch is pasta and steak. I am definitely spoilt for choice trying to figure out what I want to eat. We can just sit by the window, sip our coffee and day dream.

Kitano Kobe is a great place, I love it! We can visit European homes well-kept since the time after Kobe recovered from its historic earthquake and foreign business came in, many migrants brought along their culture from the west and it blends well in this little town.
Don't you want to just stay here forever?

Warm love,

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